About JLA loading technology

Over 35 years of experience

Our story

JLA loading technology is a 100% daughter company of J. de Jonge Group B.V. which is a completly private owned family company.


J de Jonge Group B.V. was founded in 1954 as piping and construction Company. J de Jonge Group started to do maintenance on the loading arms of several customers within the Port of Rotterdam. This grew rapidly into a dedicated daughter company focusing on conducting maintenance and revision works on loading equipment, especially on Marine Loading Arms, for all brands and all types. Not long after this J de Jonge Group started to build new Loading Equipment; the core competence of JLA Loading Technology B.V.

JLA’s history began more than 35 years ago when JLA designed the first Hose Tower with hose loading arms for Vopak Vlaardingen, at the time called Matex. Over the years JLA established a wide range of loading equipment products to satisfy the global demand for loading equipment.

J. de Jonge Group was founded


J. de Jonge Designed & Built first Hose Tower for VOPAK (MATEX)


Conducted first complete overhaul of existing Marine Loading Arm


First maintenance contract for loading equipment; brand independent


Became licensed manufacturer of Marine Loading Arms


Designed and delivered first complete truck/train loading station


Designed and build first Marine Loading Arm under own brandname


Designed and delivered first Vapour Return Hose Reel


Introduced Knuckle Type Hose Loading Arm


Delivered mobile trolley mounted Marine Loading Arm


Developed own swivel joint


Developed own QC/DC


Developed own ERC


Certified Zero Emission Swivel Joint according to TA Luft VDI 2


Introduction of new upgraded Design


Delivered first JLA HydroTec


Delivered more than 100 loading arms for ships within 8 months from engineering to delivery within one project


Delivered first CryoTec for LNG Ships


Leading in Loading Technology by supplying complete loading solutions




The head office of JLA loading technology is located at the same premises as J de Jonge Group B.V; in Vlaardingen in the middle of the Port of Rotterdam. The engineering, prefabrication workshop, assembly hall, test facilities and warehousing are all located here. The supporting departments e.g.: management, sales, finance, logistics and HR are all in the same head office building.


JLA has full access to all the group’s facilities. The total production capacity at the facility in Vlaardingen is available at > 6.000 m2 as workshop space.


J de Jonge Group has bought a new piece of land in the middle of the Port of Rotterdam to accommodate and further stimulate the growth of the group. The land covers more than 30.000 m2. An interesting fact is that it has its own 150 meters long quay as own harbor. The Port Authorities will have no jurisdiction here. JLA can have its own ships mooring at its quay at any given time, which is ideal for testing and transportation purposes.


Besides workshops in Vlaardingen, J. de Jonge Group has workshops available for JLA in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia as well.


It is a requirement for J de Jonge that all those facilities have direct access to waterways. For customers nearby JLA can pick up new loading arms directly by floating crane and transport and install them directly from the water onto the jetty at the respective customer’s site.

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