Emergency Release System

The Emergency Release System  (ERS) is designed to accommodate a safe release of the ship in case of emergency

Key features

  • For Marine Loading Arms
  • Hydraulic & Mechanical lock
  • Suitable for JLA but also all other brands and types
  • Provided with two ball valves
  • Simultaeously closing ball valves
  • Seperate cylinder for break ring
  • Possibility to use ball valves as product valves
  • Tested for 15 years operation
  • 10 years guarantee

Technical Details

  • Visual indication of ball valve position
  • Hydraulically driven ball valves
  • Seperate hydraulic actuated cylinder for ERS ring
  • Triggered by range monitoring alarm system or manually
  • 6” up to 20”
  • – 196 °C / + 200 °C
  • Suitable for almost all (petro-) chemicals, liquids and gases. Especially cryogenic applications
  • 150# and 300#
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and SS 316Ti.


  • Fire proof
  • Mechanical or pneumatic actuated ERS for JLA EcoPro
  • Range alarms
  • Position Monitoring System
  • Ball valve position sensors
  • Armed ERS Sensor
  • Use of ball valves as product valves

Designed and tested according to

  • EN 1471
  • IS 16904:2013
  • OCIMF ‘99
  • CE (PED and ATEX)


Operator - Friendly visual indicator

It is important to have clear instructions and indications

Mechanical ERS

For manually operated Marine Loading Arms, JLA offers mechanically actuated ERS

Cryogenic ERS

Suitable for Cryogenic applications such as Ethylene and LNG

ERC in use

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