CryoTec Marine Loading Arm

The CryoTec is specifically designed for Cryogenic applications, e.g.: Ethylene and LNG with

Available from 6″ up to 20″, suitable for all liquids and gasses between -196 and + 200°C

Key features

  • Hydraulic operation with smart hydraulic mechanism
  • Cable free design with adjustable balancing link
  • Supported structure
  • Only six swivel joints required with minimal jetty loads.
  • Cartridge type swivel joints
  • Nitrogen dried swivel joints
  • Double Ultra High Molecular weight PE Seal
  • Static back-up seal
  • Modular design suitable for container shipment
  • 10 years guarantee

Technical Details

  • Hydraulically operated
  • Dedicated hydraulic solenoid valves for each Marine Loading Arm
  • Completely balanced
  • 6” up to 20”
  • – 196 °C / + 200 °C
  • Suitable for all (petro-) chemicals, liquids and gases. Especially cryogenic applications
  • 150# and 300#
  • Available in all Stainless Steel and Stainless Steel 316Ti.


  • Powered Emergency Release Coupler
  • Quick Connect / Disconnect Coupler (with two-phase-safety-connection)
  • Radio & wired Remote Control operation
  • Range monitoring alarm
  • Ice fall off protection
  • Additional drive for Triple Swivel Assembly rotation.
  • Support Jack bend towards shipmanifold
  • Vapour return line
  • Maintenance platforms & access ladders
  • Drains, purge and instrument nozzles
  • Purge and stripping lines
  • Level & pressure transmitters
  • Isolation flange
  • Heat tracing and thermal insulation.
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Control Panels, including SIL Level

Design standards

  • EN 1474
  • ISO 16904:2013
  • OCIMF ‘99
  • CE (PED and ATEX)

Transportation Method

  • Modular design for containerized
  • Fully assembled by truck
  • Fully assembled by ship


Swivel Joints

Modular Cartridge Design for easy replacement of ball races with two Ultra High Molecular PE Seals with static back up seal.

Ice fall off protection

To protect operators and jetties from ice falling off from the loading arm.

Supported Arms

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Cryogenic ERC

Fire proof, designed for Cryogenic applications,

CryoTec in use

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