MLA Philosophy


JLA was founded from a maintenance and operational perspective following on the request of our customers to improve existing loading equipment. In more than 35 years of experience in maintenance and servicing all brands and types of loading arms we created a new standard together with our customers. We differentiate ourselves by not only delivering high end products but a customer solution. This results in minimal costs and investments. The JLA Marine Loading Arms are designed with minimal CAPEX and OPEX. All supported by the largest 24/7 service crew in the world.


Minimal Capex & Opex

Maximum product flow with minimum pressure drop

Self supported design

Product line is strong enough to carry its own loads and moments

Asymmetric design

Loading arm with single inboard and single outboard with as result a minmum of 6 swivel joints.

Maximum product flow capacity

JLA loading arms allow you to maximize your product flow at minimal costs.

Minimal pressure drop

Saves significant in energy consumption for loading pump.

Minimal and easy maintenance

Cable free design

With rigid balancing link there is no need to lubricate or replace the cables and there is no risk of breaking of cables. Furthermore balancing cables might be regarded as lifting cables in the future requiring annual inspections.

Self – support

Allows visibility on all the welds on the product pipe, because there is now supporting structure around it.

Zero emission

JLA swivel joint are vacuum resistant and therefore reduced leakages close to zero.

Replaceable ball races

Easy to replace ball races without need to cutoff entire male swivel joint part.

Fully hardened ball races

The JLA replaceable ball races do not touch the product in the pipe, therefore they can be made of fully hardened steel which minimises the wear and tear.

Easy maintenance

All equipment and parts are designed to conduct easy maintenance if required.

Operator Friendly

Easy connection

Two phase safety connection

JLA allows to reconnect within seconds when MLA appears to be still under pressure or full with product.

Not a single wrench required

JLA QC/DC’s can be operated by hand or from radio remote control, without the need for any wrench or other tools.

Quick and easy ship connection

Connection to the ship within seconds with minimal efforts

Easy visualisation

Easy to understand

People are visually oriented, so is JLA.

Ergonimcal design stormlock

Designed to use minimal efforts

Operator friendly visualisation

All instructions are given with simple pictures

Sustainable an robust

Environment friendly

Low environmental footprint

JLA recognizes the need to minimize the environmental footprint

Zero emission

Environmental friendly

Robust quality

Tested and certified

JLA tests and certifies its equipment above market standards, witnessed by third parties

10 years guarantee

JLA believes in her quality and guarantees it.

Long life time

Designed for long life times

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