Bottom Loading Arm

The bottom loading arms are applied to load or unload trucks and trains by connections at the bottom of the verhicle, either at the rear or side.


For all liquids and gasses between – 196 and + 200°C, with diameters ranging from 2″ up to 6″

Key features

  • Balanced by counterweight or spring balanced
  • For (un)loading at the rear and side of the truck and train
  • Vacuum resistant swivel joints with Zero Emission

Technical Details

  • Balanced by spring or counterweight
  • Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic operation
  • Available in 2″up to 6″
  • 150# and 300#
  • suitable for all liquids and gasses between -196 and +200°C
  • In carbon steel or stainless steel.


  • Quick coupler
  • Break away coupling
  • Vapour line
  • Product valve
  • Level detection
  • Drain and purge connections
  • Tracing and insulation
  • Thermal heating by jacketed pipe
  • Parking lock
  • Parking sensor

Design standards

  • TA Lüft VDI 2440
  • CE (PED & ATEX)


Swivel Joints

Provided with vacuum resistant zero emission JLA swivel joints

Break Away Coupling

Optionally provided with break away coupling

Quick Coupler

For easy and quick connection

Bottom loading arm in use

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