Top Loading Arm

Top Loading Arms are used to load truck or trains from the top.

Suitable for all liquids and vapours between -50 and +200°C


Available in diameters 2″ up to 8″

Key features

  • Balanced by counterweight or spring balanced
  • Vacuum resistant swivel joints with Zero Emission
  • Optional with pneumatical or hydraulical operation

Technical Details

  • Manually, pneumatically or hydraulically operated
  • 2” up to 8”
  • – 50 °C / + 200 °C
  • Suitable for almost all (petro-) chemicals, liquids and gases.
  • 150# and 300#
  • Available in carbon steel and stainless steel.


  • Quick coupler
  • Vapour line
  • Product valve
  • Level detection
  • Drain and purge connections
  • Tracing and insulation
  • Thermal heating by jacketed pipe
  • Parking lock
  • Parking sensor
  • Telescopic drop pipe
  • Vapour cone
  • Press down cylinder

Design standards

  • TA Lüft VDI 2440
  • CE (PED & ATEX)


Swivel Joints

Equipped with JLA vacuum resistant zero emisison swivel joints

Vapour Cone

Optionally provided with vapour cone

Control panel

Optional with pneumatic or hydraulic controlled operation



When it comes to the successful transportation of goods, time and efficiency are two major factors that your business needs to consider. The loss or reduction of either of these will result in a slow and unreliable operation that will invariably lead to the loss of future custom and a poor reputation, something that isn’t easy to recover from. Some goods require a degree and level of transference that requires specialist equipment such as a truck loadingarm and in cases like these, the choice of equipment could make or break your business, so it’s vital to spend time finding the right option for you.


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Top Loading Arms in use

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