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Dare to be different


As a relative new brand we have to work hard on our image. One of the most important parts is to be different then what the market could offer. To achieve this goal you have to listen a lot and that’s what we did! Not only to our own mechanics whom serviced all brands and types of loading arms for over the past 35 years, but also to asset owners and operators. With all this information and a top team of experienced designers we improved a lot of todays minors while operating and maintaining loading arms.

The first challenge was to improve the heart of the loading arm, the swivel joint. From our experience the main issues where brinelling, leaking lipseals with vacuum and easy maintenance. all this resulted in a design which was patented in 2016. Our swivel joint has replaceable cartridgeball races, a block seal which can handle vacuum(TA luft certified) and is flanged together for easy seal replacement.

Operators often mentioned it would be good to use one of the valves as a product valve. As result we designed a 2 way actuated ERS (emergency release system). This way the valve can be used when you wish to park the loading arm fully balanced. the ball valves are actuated with a dedicated cylinder, the ERS break ring has another dedicated cylinder. With this design the ball valves can be open and closed without using the ERS system.

When you disconnect the loading arm while under pressure it’s safer when you have some time to close it again before it fully disconnects. To solve this we improved our couplers (QC/DC) to follow a axial movement before turning away from the flange. This gives some time to close again rapidly and reduce the spill in case their appears to be some product or pressure in the arm during disconnection.

A ship manifold is not designed to withstand forces, thats why we recommend a support jack. But not a straight one! JLA made small adjustment in the design whichs has a huge benefit. By bending the profile towards the manifold it always has full contact with the driptray or shipdeck.  And the rubber bottoms prevents steel to steel contact. Especially when adaptor spools forces the loading arm support jack toward the ship side, the JLA support jack offers advantages!

Replacing product seals of the swivels at high positions is ussually a costly effort, because accessibility is difficult, you need to use a crane or scaffolding. We made some small modifications and tools to easily lift the elbow by hand and replace the seal.

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