LPG 6 inch Marine Loading Arm

Two HydroTec Marine Loading Arms for BP. The arms will be used to transfer LPG at the BP Refinery in Rotterdam.

In 2014 JLA was awarded for the engineering , manufacturing and installation of 2 LPG marine loading arms. These LPG arms will transfer 250 m3/h at a speed of 7mtr/s.





If you’re looking for bunkering arm LPG equipment, then you’ll already know that this is a highly specialised field that requires a vast amount of knowledge and the very best standards available to be of use to your business. At JLA Loading Technology, we have over thirty five years experience of using, creating and maintaining LPG bunkering arm equipment, while ensuring it not only meets all industry specified standards, but improves upon them. Our clients know that when they purchase their machinery from us, they can do so with complete confidence and our reputation in the field goes to show this.

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Size 6 inch
QTY 2 x hydrotec LPG
Delivery date 2015


Contact information

JLA headquarter

Mike Sies

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