Total Integrated Jetties

The logical next step in the oil & gas industry

We offer total integrated jetties. From the initial feasibility study to the engineering, design and construction or inspection & maintenance and replacement.

Total Integrated Jetties

Designing and constructing total jetties is traditionally a very time consuming and expensive endeavour.

Communication and interfacing between the companies can make or break projects of this magnitute.

That is why JLA Loading Technologies and DIMCO BV have joined forces to create TIJ (total integrated jetties).

One company for the whole jetty construction process.

From design to construction, maintenance and replacement.

Seamless interfacing results in less time and less costs for our clients.

TIJ is the one stop shop for total jetties



Our activities

top site

– Loading equipment

– Process piping / Utility piping

– Process manifolding

– Structural steel

– Gang ways

– Mooring hooks

– Operator cabins / shelters

– Ship handeling cranes

– Fire fighting systems / monitors

– Fire fighting emergency pumps

– Process and utility pumps

– E&I and Navigation lights


– Platforms

– Causeways

– Fender walls / piles

– Crash barriers

– Mooring dolphins

– Walkways

”]– Quay walls

– Berthing Approach System

– Mooring Load Monitoring System

– Cathodic protection

– Dredging works

– Shore protection

Benefits of our services

Seamless interfacing helps projects finish faster

and cost considerably less than traditional

methods, based on long term trust.


A company for each phase

– Engineering, procurement and construction is done by different companies for different phases, resulting in a traditional graph shown here.

TIJ method

Seamless interfacing

– Engineering, procurement and construction is done by TIJ.

– Fit for purpose

– An average of 30% faster

– An average of 20% less costs

– The TIJ method needs  no tendering


One partner

A company for each phase

– Conventionally, each phase of a project was performed by a different company. This results in excessive work, time and eventually costs.

– With TIJ, all phases are executed by the same company, which results in short lead time and less costs.

Inspection & maintenance

Existing jetties are also safe in our hands.

We inspect and maintain all jetties and loading equipment,

regardless of make and type.

Top Services

Service Level Agreement

– Keeping the equipment on best conditions at all time.

24/7 call out team

– Breakdown Maintenance.


– Upgrading older systems.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

– Checking the conditions of all top site equipment.

Spare parts

– Delivering spare parts on short notice

International service crew

– Largest service engineer fleet in the world

Jetty Services

Inspection of existing jetties

– Checking the conditions for the future.

Measurement of wall thickness

– Piles, pipes etc.

Research of the status of concrete constructions

– Platforms, pile-heads etc.

Examination of the layer thickness

– Of coatings.

Repair of insufficient parts of the construction

– For example with the use of stopaq.

Recover damages of coating

– With eco friendly systems.

Key features

Nautic simulation

To check ship manoeuvres around jetties we provide nautic simulations during design phase.

With 3-D design models of the jetty and real models of ships real live ship manoeuvres can be visualized.

Captains can sail with existing ships in the 3D model

Berthing Approach System

Increase the safety of jetty and ship’s the Berthing Approach System sets of signal, warning and alarm indicating

(the ship’s speed, distance and angle during the berthing process.)

Based on exceeding the preset max. drift off a predefined action can be undertaken


Bottlenecks can occur during the process from and to jetties. Increasing throughput. This leads to new approaches of transfer of liquid/gas bulk handling with modificated equipment. Analyzing demurrage issues can lead to debottlenecking.

3-D Engineering

In-house 3-D hardware (Faro 3D) and software (Autodesk Suite), as well as skilled and experienced engineers.

From feasibility study to detail engineering.

Service & Maintenance

From service level agreements to upgrades of your jetties, our service engineers are standing by 24/7.

We have the largest service engineer fleet in the world.

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