Zero Emission 

Our goal

JLA’s parent company; J de Jonge Group has more than 35 years of experience in maintenance and revision on all brands and types of existing marine loading arms. From this experience JLA  learned that the majority of leakages on loading arms are caused by a vacuum. J de Jonge Group has experience with leaking swivel joints of each brand and each type of marine loading arms around the world.


With this knowledge and expertise JLA designed a swivel joint that is vacuum resistant. This assures significantly less downtime, higher efficiency of the loading arms , less maintenance expenses, higher life time expectancy and minimum leakage. The JLA swivel joints have Zero Emission according to TA Lüft VDI 2440.


This is realized because JLA uses a block seal instead of spring energized seal. The advantage of this PTFE block seal is that it can withstand pressures up to #600 but also vacuum.

With these PTFE block seals the swivel joints are highly suitable for almost any chemicals, foods, oils and gasses. In case there is any product that requires another material, the JLA swivel joint is designed to accommodate other seals as well.

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